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When buyer placing an order, for some reasons, he/she may need the Shop to revise the transaction price. If the shop provide this revision service, buyer may select the request when placing order, after the shop has revised it, buyer may pay for it according to the revised price.

Below are some examples:
  • The Shop is doing promotion, and buyer's order fulfills the requirment of getting the promotional discount. (e.g. Buy 3 get 10% off discount)
  • The Shop allows buyer to request some special arrangement on Shipping, so buyer ask the Shop to adjust the necessary fee for the arrangement.


Request Shop to revise Invoice - Process

  • After the shop has revised the transaction, if buyer think it is not correct, buyer may request the shop again.
  • While waiting for the shop to revise the transaction, if buyer want to cancel the request of invoice revision, buyer may click "Cancel Revision Request" button, then the shop will not revise it and buyer may pay for the current amount.
  • Shops may decide whether they would provide this service based on their situation, and on which Payment Methods this service would be available.
  • Shop has right to decide whether and how to revise the transaction amount, or cancel the transaction.

Confirm Order

Same as the general buying process, click the "Confirm Order" button in your Shopping Cart.
Confirm Order

Select "Request Invoice"

Select the "Request Invoice" option, then select the conditions you met for requesting invoice. (The conditions available are setup by the Shop based on their own situations, different shops may require different conditions.)

If the option is not shown, it means the Shop does not provide "Request Invoice" service for the Payment method buyer has selected. Buyer may select other payment methods if any, and see whether this service is available for other payment methods.
Select "Request Invoice"
Then continue to confirm the Order.

Check the revised invoice

Once "Request Invoice" is submitted, you may check the transaction status in "Purchase History" as usual. (Purchase History could be found in "My Profile"):
Check the revised invoice
The status is "Ordered - Waiting for Shop to revise Invoice", it means after the Shop has revised the Invoice, you may pay according to the invoice amount.

After the Shop has revised the Invoice, you would see the transaction status as below. (In addition, if you have enabled the "Buying and Selling notifications" in the Account Settings, you will receive a notification Email from the Shop once the invoice is revised.)
Check the revised invoice
You may click the "Detail" link of any transactions to view the Invoice details any time.


After checking the Invoice details, you may process the payment and get your items according to your chosen Payment and Shipping method. If you have any doubts, you are recommended to contact the according Shop as soon as possible.