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GiftCiti prohibits to post, but not limited to, any unlawful items and any items that are listed below. Some of them may be based on our own discretion or based on the opinion from our members, especially for those are considered to be dangerous or sensitive items. Please note that we have rights to remove any posted items that are prohibited, and limit or stop the member account if any member has posted prohibited items.

If members will sell items internationally, members are responsible for ensuring that their transactions are lawful in both the country of the seller and the country of the buyer. We highly recommend all members to learn about the laws of their own country as well as the countries where they plan to do business. Because certain items are legal to sell in your country, they might be illegal elsewhere.

Prohibited Items:

  • Animals and wildlife products (e.g. Live animals, Animal parts or skin, Ivory or bone, Pets, etc.)
  • Alcoholic beverages (Except reselling alcoholic beverages purchased from distributors, and its original container has not been changed, and it is lawful to deliver it at the buyer's living location.)
  • Counterfeit Stamps, Counterfeit Currency, and Counterfeit bonds
  • Chinese Drugs and Chinese Medicine
  • Drugs, Hazardous and Controlled Drugs (e.g. Narcotics, Steroids, Antibiotics, Poison, all controlled substances, etc.)
  • Electronic descramblers (e.g. Satellite and Cable TV descramblers, etc.)
  • Event Tickets
  • Government Documents, ID and License (e.g. Driving License, etc.)
  • Government, public entity, and transit related items (e.g. law enforcement badges from any public entity, Police badges, Postal Service mailbags, subway employee uniforms, etc.)
  • Hazardous Materials (e.g. Combustible items, Fireworks, Freon, Information on how to make explosive devices like bombs, etc.)
  • Human parts (e.g. Organs, blood, eggs, waste products, etc.)
  • Items from unlawful Organizations
  • Items that has not granted to be sold or imported to the target country or region
  • Lottery tickets, any things that are generally defined as a chance to win something
  • Mailing lists and personal information (e.g. Email List, Contact List, Document that contain personal information, Software or tools designed to send spam or harvest email addresses, etc.)
  • Marketing Programs and Advertising Messages
  • Medical Devices that requires prescription from licensed practitioner (e.g. Corrective Contact lenses)
  • Membership, User Account (e.g. User Account of Web Site)
  • Military items (e.g. Guns, Weapons, Military knives, Pepper spray, etc.)
  • Obscene and erotic items (e.g. Adult movie, etc.)
  • OEM and bundled software that is included with the purchase of new computer hardware
  • Offensive Items (e.g. any items promote or glorify sexual, hatred, violence, racial, human tragedies, unlawful organizations, religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views)
  • Radar or laser jamming devices
  • Radio transmitters
  • Sexual Products and used underwear
  • Sexual Services, unlawful services, and offers for personal relationship
  • Stock and securities
  • Stolen goods
  • Tobacco and Tobacco products
  • Traffic light control devices or signal changers
  • Transportation or Accommodation arrangement