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Once your eShop is opened, members may order items from your eShop anytime, you may use the below ways to check your latest Sales Status and manage your Sales process:

Check and Set Sales Status

Go to the eShop setup page (click "My Profile" at the Top-right of the web page then click the Shop name), at the left hand side, click the "Selling History" under the My eShop menu, it will list all of your incomplete sales transactions by default.

To view the transaciton detail, simply click the "Detail" link on the "Transaction No." column. At the transaction detail, you may also click the according buttons to perform the required actions, for example:
  • Print
  • When you want to print the transaction detail, you may click the "Print" button to print its details and/or keep a hard copy.
  • Mark as Delivered
  • When the items are delivered, you may click the button to set the status as Delivered, this will also let the buyer check for the latest status of the transaction.
  • Cancel Transaction
  • When you need to cancel the transaction, you may click the button to set the status as Cancelled. In this case, the cancelled Item Qty will go back to your eShop Inventory so that they become available to be sold again.
  • Revise Invoice
  • If you have enabled the option of "Allow buyer to request Invoice revision" in "Accepted Payment Methods" setting, this button will be appeared when buyer requests for the revision. This function let you revise the Item selling price, and adjust the total amount of the transaction, so that buyer may pay for it according to your revised Invoice amount.

Placing Comments to your buyer

After a sales transaction is completed, you may give comments to your buyer for each sold items. Placing comments is a good practice to let buyer knows your feedback, and it is also one of the way to improve communication between you and customers, possibly resulting in raising customer loyalty.

To place comments, first go to "Selling History", then click the link on the "Comment" column of the transaction you want to give comment:
Placing Comments to your buyer
Then you will see a screen to place comments. On the screen, you may place comments for each item one by one, or place the same comments for all items.
  • Place comments for each item one by one
  • Click the item at the left hand side to select the item you are going to give comment, then click "Post Comment" button to start, select the overall rating and input the comment, finally click the Submit button. Then select the next item by clicking it and do the same steps above, and so on, until each item has been given comments.
  • Place same comments for all items
  • In case you want to place the same rating and comments for all items in the transaction, you may select the "Apply to whole transaction" when inputting comment, then finally click Submit button, your rating and comments will be automatically copied to each items of the transaction, so you don't need to input the same comments one by one.