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Once your Account is successfully activated, you may manage your account anytime in the My Account setup page.

First of all, sign in to the website, click My Profile at the Top-right of the web page, and click to enter your Account Setup page, then you should see your account information is shown.

Edit your account information

Account information is grouped into different section such as Basic Information, Shipping Address, etc... You may click Edit at the right hand side of each section to edit the section. Below is the explaination of each sections:
  • Basic Information
  • This section contains the basic information about you.
  • Display Name
  • This section let you setup how GiftCiti display your name. (NOTE: You may only setup your Display Name once, it cannot be changed after saving.) Also, you may go to "Account Settings" to setup your Display Name to be hidden in some areas.
  • Member Verification
  • This section shows the types of Verification you have obtained.   (Why do I need to verify my identify ?)
  • Shipping Address
  • This section contains your Shipping Address information, it will be used as your default shipping address when you order items, you may change it on your order when necessary.
  • My Credibility
  • This section shows your Credibility information, Credit Points is earned when you purchase or sell items in our web site, other members may give you some points if they satisfy about the transaction.

Verify Member's Identity

During the process of applying GiftCiti Membership, user's email address will be verified by the Account Activation process. However, this may not be enough to verify your identity, while both of buyers and shops normally prefer to deal with those who has verified identity.

In order to let members enhance the confident of his / her identity within GiftCiti community, member may use any (or many) of below ways to verify his / her identity, different ways require different information to be provided. Once your identity is successfully verified, the according verification pictures will be shown on "My Profile" and member Credibility page.
  • HK ISP Email Address Verification  HK ISP Email Address Verification
  • This is to verify whether member has Email Address provided by valid HK ISP (Internet Service Provider), so far we accept some specific ISP Email addresses.
  • Mobile number verification  Mobile number verification
  • This is to verify member's Mobile Phone number. During the verification process, we would send the memebr an SMS message with a verification code that he / she would need to enter on the same page to verify his / her phone number.
  • PayPal Verified  PayPal Verified
  • This is to verify whether member has "PayPal Verified" account. His/her identity is verified by PayPal by passing key security checks and completing the PayPal Verification process.

Do I have to do the identity verification ?

No, identity verification is not compulsory, but it is recommended. However, when you open an eShop in GiftCiti, according verification about your identity is required.