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GiftCiti provides 2 ways to let you input your Items:

Note: Some kinds of item are prohibited to be posted or sold in GiftCiti, please click Prohibited Items to view the details.

1.) Use of "Item Setup"

Before inputting Items to you eShop, you need to firstly create Categories for your own shop. It does not only let you categorize your items in your most suitable way, but also helps buyers to find their interested items more easily.

Setup Item Categories

Go to eShop setup page (click "My Profile" at the Top-right of the web page then click the Shop name), click Category Setup under the My eShop menu (at left hand side). It will show all existing Item Categories and Sub-Categories you have defined for your eShop, if any.
  • To add Categories, click the "Add Item Category" link at the upper area of the page. To add a Sub-Category, you may click the "Add" or link at the bottom right of the Category section.
  • To edit or delete it, you may click the link at the right hand side of the Category / Sub-Category.
  • To hide a Category / Sub-Category from public, you may select "No" for the "Enable" field. You may make it visible again after you select "Yes".

Setup Item Color and Size

This feature is for Style Item only, it lets you define the Color and Size your Style Items may have. (For more about Style Item, please read "Setup Items -> Item Type" section below)

This helps you standardize the Color and Size your items use, hence providing the possibility for your better control and management. The operation of this feature is very simailr to the way of Setup Item Category.

Setup Items

This feature lets you create new items, amend and manage your existing items, you may input the Item information, setting the Selling Price, and manage the Qty in Shop. To access it, go to the eShop setup page (click My Profile at the Top-right of the web page then click the Shop name), click Items Setup under the My eShop menu (at left hand side).
  • To create a new Item, simply click the "Create New Item" button.
  • To edit existing Item, click the "Search My Items" link to list your items that match your inputted searching criteria, if you have not inputted any criteria, it simply lists all of your items. You may click the link of any Items from the listing to start editing it.

Below are the explaination for some fields:
  • Item Type
  • We divide items into 2 types: Normal Item and Style Item.

    Normal Items is a common choice. They don't have different colors or sizes, even they have, the price of different color / size may be different. For example: Hand Cream, Books, Drinks, etc.

    For Style Items, they has different Color and/or different Size that have the same Selling Price. Examples of Style Items are Clothing, Shoes, Bags, etc...

    e.g. You have below items:
    Item NameColorSizeQtyUnit Price
    Long Cotton JacketBlueSmall100$200
    Long Cotton JacketBlueMedium350$200
    Long Cotton JacketWhiteSmall150$200
    Long Cotton JacketWhiteLarge100$200
    Long Cotton JacketBlackMedium120$200

    They belongs to same Style but has different color / size. Hence, to speed up Item input and simplify item management, you may create Style Item (and select its colors and sizes), instead of creating each Item one by one for different color and size. Below is the example of "Style Item":

    Item Name :Long Cotton Jacket     Unit Price : $200
    Qty :ColorSmallMediumLarge

    Simply select "Style Item" in the "Item Type" field, you may click to select its Colors and Sizes, and input the Quantity for each color and size. Then you have finished inputting all items for the entire Style.

  • Item Details
  • This lets you define your custom page for the Item, you may use it to provide additional information for the item, it supports both normal text and HTML.
  • Item Quantity
  • For new item, this lets you input the quantity in Shop. While for existing item, this lets you add or deduct the Item quantity in Shop.