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Once your eShop is successfully activated, you may manage your eShop anytime at the eShop setup page.

First of all, Sign in to the website, click My Profile at the top-right corner of the page, you should see the Shop name is shown on the menu. Then you may click the shop name to enter the management page of the Shop.

Setup your eShop

In the eShop setup page, you may select the functions such as eShop Settings, Shop Layout, etc. under the My eShop Menu at the upper left area, it lets you view and edit the current information and settings of your Shop. If you want to amend it, simply click the link at its right hand side to enter the edit page. Below is the explaination of each sections:

eShop Settings

This section contains the Basic Settings of your eShop, below are something should be noted:
  • 1. Shop Language
  • Because we have English and Chinese pages, your items will be shown in both pages. You may input your data (e.g. Item Description, Shop Description, etc.) in each language fields in order to let different languages people understand your posted information. English fields data will be shown in English pages, while Chinese fields data will be shown in Chinese pages.
    There are 3 choices available:
    English + ChineseThis is the default one. You may input data in both English and Chinese fields.
    English OnlyYou may input data in English fields only. While internally, English fields data will be copied to Chinese fields automatically. Hence, English data will be shown in both English pages and Chinese pages.
    Chinese OnlyYou may input data in Chinese fields only. While internally, Chinese fields data will be copied to English fields automatically. Hence, Chinese data will be shown in both English pages and Chinese pages.
  • 2. Currency
  • It is the currency your items will be sold. So far, selection of Hong Kong and US Dollars are available.
  • 3. Weight Unit
  • It is the Weight Unit of your items, all of your items will use the same weight unit. Also, Weight is one of the factor to calculate the shipping fee, and you may define your shipping fee in the Shipping Method section. Common example is g, kg, etc.
  • 4. Shop URL
  • This is your shop's URL. For example, if you have inputted 'nicestore', the web address of your shop (i.e. URL) would be

    Therefore, you should choose the word that is able to represent your shop such as your shop name, so that it helps visitors easier to remember, and increase the effectiveness of promotion.
  • 5. Business Status
  • This section let you Open or Close your eShop.

    OpenIt means your eShop is open, your eShop and items are shown in proper listing, and your items can be searched and purchased by visitors.
    CloseIt means your eShop is temporarily closed. During the Closing time, all of your items are not shown in any listing and could not be sold. However, if you have any items ordered by buyers, you could still process those orders as usual.

    Note: In order to help minimize the chance of unhandled transactions, your shop will be temporarily / permanently closed when any of below case occur: (When case [ i ] occurs, your shop will be temporarily closed and data will NOT be deleted; However, when other cases [ii, iii] occur, your Shop may be closed and removed permanently.)
    i.)You have Not enabled the "Buying and Selling Email notifications" and you have Not signed in GiftCiti for more than 10 consecutive days.
    If you have enabled the "Buying and Selling Email notifications", your shop will NOT be automatically closed for not signing-in GiftCiti for more than 10 days. However, because the email notification is mainly used to help you handle your orders earlier, you should still sign in regularly to double check your selling status to avoid missing orders caused by any possible email problems may be occurred.
    Hints: To enable "Buying and Selling notifications", please click "My Profile" and click to enter the setup page. Then click the "My Profile" menu at the left hand side and choose the "Account Settings" selection. After that, click within the "Communication Preferences" section to edit the settings, then simply select "Accept" for the "Buying and Selling notifications" and click the Submit button.
    ii.)Your shop has shown a message in any form that your shop is not running, or not accepting transactions.
    iii.)You have Not signed in GiftCiti for more than 3 months.

  • 6. Payment Methods
  • This lets you define the Payment Method(s) your eShop may accept.

    You may add a new Payment Method by clicking the "Add" or link at the bottom right of the section. Similarly, if you want to edit or delete a Payment Method, you may click the icon beside the Payment Method.

  • 7. Shipping Methods
  • It lets you define the Shipping Method(s) your eShop may provide.

    To add or change the Shipping Methods, you need to Close your eShop first. You may add a new Shipping Method by clicking the "Add" or link at the bottom right of the section. Similarly, if you want to edit or delete a Shipping Method, you may click the icon beside the Shipping Method.

Shop Layout

Also, you may decorate your eShop and design your own additional pages here to provide more information, below are some highlight:
  • 1. Current Theme
  • In order to let your eShop has a more relevant look to your products natures, we provides some themes for you to choose, you may select any available themes here.
  • 2. eShop Banner
  • It is the image to be shown at the top of your eShop pages, it's maximum width is 1020 pixels. If the image width is over the limit, the area over the limit will not be displayed. And the image format could be: bmp / jpg / png / gif .
  • 3. Custom Pages
  • You may define additional pages for your eShop to show additional information such as "Return Policies", or other information about your items. It supports both normal text and HTML.
  • 4. Gadgets
  • Gadgets are small tools such as "Facebook Like Button" that you may add it to your Shop, so that your Shop can provide additional features or information. Other than the build-in Gadgets, you may also input some text so that it could be shown at Gadgets area within your shop. Beside, for security reason, and to avoid Shops using inappropriate external Gadgets without known, Gadgets does no longer support Javascript.