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Language version of the Excel file

To ease your works, GiftCiti will let you download the Excel file in the same language as your Shop language. Below is the sample file for Shop with English language only:

Example of the Item Import Excel file

Worksheets of the Excel file

The Excel file contains 3 worksheets:
  • Items -- It is the place you may input your Item information.
  • Color -- It is mainly for Style Items, it lets you define a list of Color so that they can be used in the Color column of Items worksheet.
  • Size -- It is mainly for Style Items, it lets you define a list of Size so that they can be used in the Size column of Items worksheet.

Columns on Worksheet

Column Heading
Each columns heading describe what data the column is expected, and the maximum length of the data. Also, some headings may have background colors to differentiate their type, please note that the columns with Yellow Color heading are mandatory columns, your items should not have empty data for those columns.

Column Comment
Most columns header has comment to provide additional information about the column (a small triangle is located at the upper-right corner of the heading to indicate comment is available), you may place your mouse pointer on the column header to show the comment.

How the Items should be inputted?

Normal Items
Simply input your items one by one, one item per row.

Sample to show how to input Normal Items in Excel

Style Items
Similar to Normal Items, input your Style Item one by one, one Style per row, including the Color and Size columns. For additional Color(s) and Size(s) of the same Style Item, you need to input them right below the Style item row, and leave other columns blank to indicate the row is belongs to the Style Item right above.

Therefore, you only need to input Style information (i.e. from Item #, Description, ... ..., to Selling Price column) for each Style Item once. It is because Import function will treat the row as same style as its previous row when Style information columns are ALL empty, in other words, when any row has data in Style information columns, it will become another Style Item.

Sample to show how to input Style Items in Excel


Below are some special points should be noted when inputting data:
  • Copy data from other software
    If you copy data from other software (e.g. web pages or words editors) and paste it to the Excel file, make sure you have copied the text only and do not copy other things at the same time such as Table, Border, Picture, etc... Because they may contains invisible characters that may result in unsuccessful import of your data.