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What is Import function?

Import function lets you prepare your item information by inputting them in the "Item Information Excel file" first, then import those information to your shop. It is good for those members who use MS Excel and they should find it faster and convenience to input many items at a time.

Capacity of Import
The import function can handle maximum of 50 items or 750 data rows per import, it is because a single item may have multiple rows for the case of "Style Items" (it may has different color or size, while each color or size requires one row).

How to Use Import function?

All you need are 3 things:
  • MS Excel software
  • Item information Excel file
  • Item Photo files

MS Excel software could be version 2003 or above, while the "Item information Excel file" could be downloaded below:
[ Please Sign In and enter your Shop's admin page first, then reload this page again to download the file. ]

The Excel file contains the ready made format to let you input your items easily, the format is required by Import function, hence it is protected to ensure it successfully works with the function.

About "Item information Excel file"

Below is an example of the Excel file, the first row is the headings, while the following rows are the example of Item data.

Example of the Item Import Excel file

You are suggested to firstly prepare the photo file for each items, after importing, you need to upload item photo(s) for each items in order to save them to your Shop.

Tips  More detail about the Item information Excel file and how to input items.

Import your data

Once you have finished typing your item data to the Excel file, you may import it to your Shop, as below:
  • 1. Save the Excel file as "Unicode Text file"
    • Open the Excel file (it contains your item data)
    • Save it as "Unicode Text file"

      Save it as "Unicode Text file"

  • 2. Import the Unicode Text file
    • Logon to GiftCiti
    • Go to the eShop admin. page, click "Item Setup" under "My eShop" menu at upper left area.
    • Click the "Import Items" button

      Click the "Import Items" button

    • Click "Upload" button and select your Unicode text file, then click "Open" to import the file
    • After import, you should see a message below to remind you to upload the item photos.

      Message to remind you upload Item Photos

  • 3. Save your uploaded items
    • After uploading item photos, if everything is ok, you may click [Save] button to save them to your Shop.

      Button to Save Imported Items

Completed, you may see your imported items by using "Item Setup" function in "My Profile -> My eShop".