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Buying process is simple, please read the general process below, or other related topics you are interested.

General Process

   Buying Process

Become a Member

Becoming our member is FREE. Simply complete the member registration form to become member: Firstly click the "Sign In" at the top of the page, then click the "Do not have an account?" link to start registration.

How to buy an item ?

  • 1. Choose an item.
  • Browse through our list of categories on the web site, and click the item you are interested, then the item detail will be shown.
  • 2. Read the Item detail.
  • Read carefully the item description, price, condition, etc..., take a look the item photos, as well as Comments placed by other buyers, if any. If your member account is activated, when you have any questions about the item, you may contact the Shop by clicking the "Ask Question" button.
  • 3. Add item to Cart.
  • Some items may have Color or Size selection, if it is available, please click the Color and Size you want to purchase first, the available Qty will be shown right below the selling price.

    When you decide to buy it, click (or input) the Qty you want, then click the "Add to Cart" button. It will add the item to your Shopping Cart.
    Add item to Cart.
  • 4. Pay for the items.
  • - When you have finished selecting items, click the "My Cart" link at the upper-right of the web page.
    - Click "Confirm Order" button, then select your preferred Shipping method and Payment method offered by the Shop.

Who do I directly buy items from? The eShop who sell the item? or GiftCiti ?

GiftCiti is an online platform where you may purchase items directly from various sellers, you are not buying from GiftCiti, but directly from the seller who sell items on GiftCiti.

How to pay for items ?

Different Shops may accept different payment methods. It could be any electronic payment method, Bank Transfer, or even Cash (if the Shop let you pick up the item, Cash is always the accepted payment method). You may select the payment method that is suitable for you when placing order.

How to Receive Item & Place Comments ?

Different Shop offers different shipping methods, they should deliver items according to your selection made when confirming order. Common methods would be by Mail or Registered Mail, while selecting the one providing the possibility to trace the shipping process is recommended.

Shipping Fee:
Depends on your chosen shipping method, shipping location, and the weight of the items being shipped, you may need to pay the Shop for the shipping fee. Shipping fee is preset by the Shop and it is automatically calculated when you select shipping location and Region. Therefore, you are recommended to view the detail at the "Shipping Detail" page within the Shop before confirming order, and the shipping fee may be different for different shops.

Place Comment:
Once you have received the items, you are suggested to place comments or advices for them at "My Profile" -> "Purchase History" so that both the Shop and other buyers may know it. Placing comments is a good practice to help improving the service of the Shop, and help each others to select the suitable items.

Order first, Activate later (for Non-Members)

If you are not yet our member, you may still purchase items at once with simple and quick registration, and NO need to firstly activate your account. After your order is placed, you may activate your account at your convenient time with the use of "Activation email".

After your account is successfully activated, you may:
  • 1. View Purchase History
  • View your purchase details, shipping status, etc.
  • 2. Communicate with the Shops
  • Ask Shop questions about items, send or reply messages to Shop, etc.
  • 3. Place Comments for your transactions
  • Place comments / advices for your transactions such as whether item is as described, communication attitude, etc.
  • 4. Have more items to choose
  • Some shops (for some payment methods) may only sell items to members with activated account.

Contact the Shop and ask questions

Sometimes you may want to contact the shop and ask questions about their items, if your member account is activated, you may contact the shop in any of below ways:
  • 1. Click the "Ask Question" button on Item page
  • "Ask Question" button is available when you have clicked an Item to show its information, the button is located under "Selected Q&A" section, you may click the button in order to ask the Shop about the item.
  • 2. Click the "Contact Us" button on "About" page
  • Go to the "About" page of the Shop, click the "Contact Us" button under the "Contact" section.
When you would like to check the replies or old messages, you may use the Message function in the "My Profile".