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Members / Buyers :

1. Is it FREE to register as member ? Answer

2. Who do I directly buy items from? The eShop who sell the item? or GiftCiti ? Answer

3. How to pay for Items ? Answer

4. I would like to ask the Shop about an item details, how could I contact the Shop? Answer

eShops / Sellers :

1. We want to start my online business to sell our products, is it FREE to open eShop ? Answer

2. What kind of items are prohibited to be posted or sold on GiftCiti ? Answer

3. We sell Clothing, Shoes and Bags that have many Color / Size for each style, is there any faster way to input them ? Answer

4. I have created some new items for my shop, why couldn't I find them in the website ? Answer

5. How do I know my Items are sold successfully ? Answer