Responsive Web Design and many updates

Perhaps the final bigger update for 2015, we finally integrate the Desktop and Mobile web resulting in the entire site now using Responsive Web Design (RWD), it is not only making GiftCiti look better on different devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones), but also to ensure GiftCiti is using the latest technology, that is, more modern. ^_^

Below are the major benefits / different for this update:

Sinlge URL for Shop
eShops do not need to add the “/m” on their URL for mobile web anymore, user may simply use the same and unique URL (e.g. to enter your shop, the web site will automatically show the proper layout to desktop and mobile users.

Shop Layout
Shop layout looks different but feel similar, it would better suit different devices, and easier to setup. Shop user may setup the Themes color more easier with the Preview feature.

And More…

  •   New First page
  •   Search Products page: Add Advanced Search
  •   New Shopping Cart screen
  •   New “My eShop” setup
  •   Shop Item page: Add Whatsapp and Line Share tools for mobile users
  •   Shop Item page: Add QR Code
  •   “Item Search within Shop” and “Item Search within Site” is combined


Any comments? you are welcome to contact us, thanks.