GiftCiti issue many updates before new year!

Happy New Year! Before new year, we have prepared many updates to improve the website, mainly:

Version 3.6.2 update:


  • Item Search & My favorite -> List mode: Improve User Interface and better in mobile screen
  • Improve “Request Shop to revise Invoice” feature (previously called “Request Invoice”) and the related help topics to make it more clear for shops and buyers know how to use it.
  • Purchase / Selling History: Improve details display
  • Item Import: Improved Item Import Excel file (version 1a) with better description, while previous version of the Excel file is still compatible
  • Other changes and performance improvement


  • Item Setup: In some cases, after adding new Color to a Style item, Qty could not be changed.
  • Item Setup: After saving a new item with new Category, the new category URL was not generated.
  • “Order Now, then activate”: When buying Style Item in this way, system only picked the first color and size item.
  • Print Transaction: When printing a cancelled transaction, the status printed was incorrect.