Now Shops may better control Product Availability, and adding conditions for Request Invoice

New Features for this update:

1.) Product Availability – Shop may now setup whether a product is available to sell, by using the Item Setup function. When a product is set to be Un-available, it could not be sold, and it would not be shown within the website including the Shop until it is set to be “Available” again.

Exception: the Un-available item may still be shown when user use the Item URL to access the Item. (Of course, it still could not be sold because it is not available.)

2.) Add to Cart / Buy Now buttons – Available to Item Category, and Search Result.

3.) About Us page – Eventually it is here! It is previously located at our Facebook and Google+ Page, and thanks for suggestion from our users, we now re-arrange the content and place it here. Yes, any users advice and suggestions are always welcome, thanks.

1.) Request Invoice

This feature orginally let buyer request the Shop to adjust Order Price or Qty for special reasons, and Shop may adjust it if she agree with it. After adjustment is made, Shop may issue the revised Invoice to buyer so the buyer may pay according to the revised Invoice amount.

Now the feature is enhanced to make it more easy to understand and use, as below:

Now Shop needs to preset the required conditions that buyer need to choose when placing request, so that buyer know the required conditions more clearly and place the request correctly.

Buyer has to select the conditions met for requesting invoice

Buyer has to select the conditions met for requesting invoice

For more details, please refer to: Help Center -> Buying Process -> Request Invoice from Shop


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