GiftCiti has just moved!

We have moved!

It’s not about our working place, it’s our GiftCiti Server, it has just moved to a new place! This is to improve the flexibility for future update, and also helps the development of future features.

For the moving event, we have prepared a lot, and have also done the rehearsal. However, there are always some unexpected, out of our control things happened during the actual moving process, plus some technical factors, it makes the moving time much longer, we are sorry about it and thanks for your understanding.

Desktop and Mobile web integration for the coming update

New system update is coming soon!

As the topic mentioned, Desktop and Mobile web will be more integrated, all shops would no longer need to include /m for your mobile web URL any more. (i.e. if your shop URL is, the URL could be used for desktop computer, tablet and mobile phones)

However, because of the new and integrated interface, for those shops has uploaded your own picture for buttons or headings, those pictures could not be used for the new interface. (If you want to keep those button/headings pictures, please download it asap, otherwise, you could no longer download it after the system update)

Besides, there are many other update too, stay tune!

GiftCiti’s feature update is coming soon, mainly for Shop users

We are now working hard on testing the coming features of GiftCiti, and we believe it will be available very soon. There are many changes this time, while almost all of them are for Shop users, we hope this improvement would help shops more easier to manage their shop, so they can have more time building their business.

An update notification will be posted on GiftCiti when it is ready, stay tuned!

Hello world!

Welcome to the GiftCiti blog!

We’ve started this blog to share with you all about GiftCiti, News of features update, Tips for using new features, and Opinion, Funny stuff, etc.

You may find that we have pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, those pages will continue to share to public our Features Update and selected Products posted on GiftCiti, not only to help us and shops on GiftCiti to reach more people, but also help buyers to have more choices.